Biology Graduate Research ForumWestern Science

4th Annual Biology Graduate Research Forum 2013

Presented by the Graduate Students of the Department of Biology, Western University
Saturday, October 19, 2013

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Melissa HolmesWe are pleased to announce that this year’s plenary speaker will be Dr. Melissa Holmes from the Social Neuroscience Lab at the University of Toronto. Melissa’s lab is primarily interested in the reciprocal relationship between social interactions and plasticity in the mammalian brain. Specifically, she studies how sexually differentiated neural circuits mediate the expression of various social behaviours and, conversely, how social factors (social status, in particular) influence the structure and function of these same neural circuits. Her lab employs two model systems: naked mole-rats and Bax knockout mice.

Please see the following link to learn more about the work that she does!