Biology Graduate Research ForumWestern Science

6th Annual Biology Graduate Research Forum 2015

Presented by the Graduate Students of the Department of Biology, Western University
Friday, October 16th, 2015

Art Exhibit

Several works of art have been submitted for this year’s BGRF and we would like to thank all of our fantastic donors. All of the art will be available during the Silent Auction at BGRF on Friday October 16, 2015. Please come out and show your appreciation for all of these awesome works. Here is a brief description of the artwork submitted by each artist:

Tosha Kelly submitted a picturesque painting of a black and white Warbler.

Curtis Lubbe submitted four whimsically peculiar drawings.

Susan Anthony submitted a colourful cross-stitch of three beautiful butterflies.

Victoria Simkovic submitted two wonderful watercolor paintings. She also submitted a living work of art: a termite farm!

Marek Allen submitted three photos of hummingbirds hatching.

Vi Bui submitted a photo of a cool cross-section of a grass from Antarctica.

Christopher Hay submitted six photos. Four are magnificent mirrorgraphs. Two are unparalleled universes done using phase contrast.

Kim Mitchell submitted four photos of lustrous landscapes.

Katie Woolfson submitted three photos. Two are landscapes, one in each of black-and-white and in-colour. The third is a fantastic photo of flowers.

Tian Wu submitted a photo of some bodacious beetles in their natural habitat.