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Photo Contest

Submissions will be judged in three separate categories:

In addition, this year we will also be judging the ‘best caption’ associated with the top photos that advance to the BGRF for each category.  Submitting a caption with your photo is voluntary and only one winner will be selected across all photo categories combined.

Each person can submit one photo per category (for a possible total of 3 photos). Please submit your entries to by Friday, September 27, 2013.

When submitting a photo please include:

Entries will be evaluated and the top 5 from each category will advance to the BGRF. Photos will be posted at the forum to be judged by those in attendance. Votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced that day.

There will be a prize (TBA) awarded to the winner of each category.

Anyone from Biology can submit a photo and you do not have to be registered for a talk or poster session to take part in the photo contest.

T Shirt Contest