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Perception and action

Should you believe your eyes? Not necessarily in virtual reality says new study

December 13, 2022

Neuroscientists examine the promise and limitations of VR A new study by Western neuroscientists suggests that, unlike true reality, perception ...

Cognition and behaviour

Western-led study explores COVID-19 effects on cognition

October 18, 2022

Reasoning, speed of thinking, verbal abilities among infection impacts A new long-term study led by neuroscientists at Western ...

Imaging methods

Breaking new ground on ‘untapped’, alternative brain imaging technique

October 03, 2022

Western officially launches the new Optical Neuroimaging Research Group (ONRG, pronounced "on-ergy"). It will be dedicated to unlocking ...


Western scientists attract $1.7M to tackle global challenges

September 21, 2022

Stroke researcher Sue Peters one of 7 faculty members awarded CFI funding. Neuroscientist and physiotherapy professor Sue Peters is one of ...


Western tests minds of The Amazing Race Canada teams during neuroscience challenge

August 16, 2022

The Amazing Race Canada is airing on CTV all summer long. On August 16, racers made their way to Western University where viewers got a glimpse of ...

Development and aging, Cognition and behaviour

Music training promotes better beat perception in Parkinson’s patients: study Western neuro researcher Jessica Grahn says findings could help inform early-stage intervention

June 09, 2022

A new study out of Jessica Grahn’s music lab suggests music training may preserve certain rhythmic motor training abilities in early-stage ...

Cognition and behaviour, Development and aging

Math-Induced Dread? You Aren't Alone

March 10, 2022

Math anxiety is a global phenomenon. Researchers are probing its effects on classrooms and the workforce, with a focus on STEM skills. Beyond ...

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