Dr. Phil McCausland

Meteoritics, Tectonics, Paleomagnetism

Phil McCausland

Director, Western Paleomagnetic and Petrophysical Laboratory
Adjunct Research Professor

Ph.D. Western University, 2002
Office: BGS 0187
Labs: WSC 34, 36; BGS 1009
Phone: 519-661-2111 x.88008
Fax: 519-661-3198
Email: pmccausl@uwo.ca
Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

I have two main areas of research that pursue Earth history and its Solar System context:

  1. Paleomagnetism applied to the study of supercontinent assembly and dispersal, the Precambrian-Paleozoic transition, terrane tectonics and orogeny

  1. Mineralogy and petrophysical properties of Earth & planetary materials as it relates to exploration, meteoritics, and the evolution of the Earth and small bodies of the Solar System

These are currently pursued by my research group along the following themes: 

  • Paleogeography of the Earth: determining the Earth’s Precambrian-Paleozoic paleogeography via paleomagnetic and other techniques, as a context for understanding extreme paleoclimates, burgeoning life, and as a tracer of global geodynamics.

  • Tectonics of accretionary orogens and mountain belts: paleomagnetic tracking of the collision, obduction and lateral motion of crustal fragments –terranes– to investigate the mechanisms of their assembly into mountain belts (Applalachians-Caledonides, Canadian Cordillera, Central Asia).

  • Shock metamorphism and parent body processes in the Early Solar System: investigation of the mineralogy and petrology of meteorites as recorders of impact shock deformation, redox processes and small body evolution

  • Petrophysical properties, mineralogy and mineral exploration: investigation of mineralogy, density, porosity, magnetic, electrical and acoustic properties of ore deposits and their host rocks, as a guide for mineral exploration

McCausland Research Group Alumni

  • Kate Brooks, B.Sc. Geology (2020, McMaster University)
  • Yaozhu Li, M.Sc. Planetary Science / Geology (2018) co-Supervised with R. Flemming
  • Rhys Paterson, B.Sc. Geology (2018, Brock University)
  • Mingzhen (Lindsay) Deng, B.Sc. Geology (2018)
  • Jordan Siewnarine, B.Sc. Geology (2018) co-supervised with C. Tsujita
  • Michelle MacRae, M.Sc. Geology (2017) co-supervised with J. Jin
  • Andrew Thomson, M.Sc. Geology (2017) co-supervised with C. Tsujita
  • Halima Warsame, M.Sc. Geology (2017) co-supervised with C. Tsujita
  • Hiruni Gunawardana, M.Sc. Geophysics (2017) co-supervised with G. Pratt
  • Diego Uribe, M.Sc. Planetary Science / Geology (2017) co-supervised with M. Izawa and R. Flemming
  • Sundeep Sara, Acc. M.Sc. Geology (2017) co-supervised with B. Linnen
  • Earl Fernandes, Acc. M.Sc. Geology (2015)
  • Hiruni Gunawardana, B.Sc. Geology (2015)
  • Diego Uribe, B.Sc. Geology (2014)
  • Michael Bramble, B.Sc. Planetary Science (2014) co-supervised with R. Flemming
  • Joshua Pol, B.Sc. Geology (2014) co-supervised with C. Tsujita
  • Alexandra Rupert, B.Sc. Geology (2014) co-supervised with R. Flemming
  • Stephanie Round, B.Sc. Geology (2010) co-supervised with R. Flemming
  • Ross Brown, B.Sc. Geophysics (2006) co-supervised with L. Mansinha

Selected Publications

Authors in abbreviation are students, with asterisk* are mentored students with collaborators. Record of citations is curated on Google Scholar.

  • Warsame, H.S, McCausland, P.J.A., White, C.E., Barr, S.M., Dunning, G.R. and Waldron, J.W.F. accepted. Meguma terrane orocline: U-Pb age and paleomagnetism of the Silurian Mavillette gabbro, Nova Scotia, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
  • Rupert, A.N., McCausland, P.J.A. and Flemming, R.L. accepted. Ordinary Chondrite Shock Stage Quantification using in situ 2D X-Ray Diffractionin of olivine. Meteoritics and Planetary Science
  • Li, Y., McCausland, P.J.A. and Flemming, R.L. accepted. Quantitative analysis of in situ 2D X-ray diffraction data from complex crystal deformation using the Best Fit for Complex Peaks (BFCP) code in Matlab®. Computers and Geosciences
  • Charles, C.R.J.*, McCausland, P.J.A. and Davis, D.W. 2020. LA-ICP-MS Pb isotope test of meteorite provenance: A Terrestrial Origin for Lovina. Meteoritics and Planetary Science. doi: 10.1111/maps.13492-3296
  • van Staal, C.R., Barr, S.M., McCausland, P.J.A., Thompson, M.D. and White, C.E. 2020. Ediacaran-Early Cambrian interactions with Ganderia: an example of complex terrane transfer due to arc-arc collision. Geological Society of London Special Publications. v. 503, doi: 10.1144/SP503-2020-23
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