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The Department of Earth Sciences offers the following undergraduate modules. See the Western Calendar for the most up-to-date information about modules, academic progression and prerequisites.

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The science that investigates the Earth's physical structure and substance, its history (geochronology), and the processes that act on and within it


The study of Earth's structure and materials using physics (gravity, magnetics, electro-magnetics, and seismics)

Environmental Geoscience

The study of the major interactions among the Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and lithosphere, and the human impact on those spheres.

Environmental Science

The interdisciplinary study of the chemical, biological and physical changes in environmental systems caused by human-related activities.

*** Effective Fall 2024 EnviroSci 2300 will be replacing EnviroSci 3300 ***

Planetary Geology

The study of the processes that shape the planets in our solar system, and the tools that we use to explore those worlds

Interdisciplinary Programs