Health Across the Lifespan

Participating Faculties: Faculty of Health Sciences (Host)

Project Leaders:  Kevin Shoemaker 

Total Project Funding:  $30,000

Funding Period: 1 year (eligible for renewal)


Development funding was provided to the Health Across the Lifespan team given the strong proposal they submitted in this years’ competition. They proposed to develop interdisciplinary research and education processes that are needed to understand healthy living strategies and to have those applied in the community. The proposal submitted this round indicated that these processes will be enabled through development of a series of collaborative and core research facilities designed to bring campus researchers together to investigate the socio-cultural and/or biological components of health, health promotion, health services, care and rehabilitation. Collectively, these research laboratories and resources will form Study of Health Across the Lifespan project The Initiative as conceived will complement hospital or disease-based health care by reducing the clinical burden both before and following major clinical interventions. Specific research programs and studies will be enabled through this Initiative and will help researchers understand the concept of health and the factors contributing to or impeding healthy aging. The team is developing an initiative that contains a public program to ensure effective transfer of theory to practice.

The core health science team will be developing linkages with others around campus and will be applying again in the next round of competition.