Soochow - Western Centre for Synchrotron Radiation

Participating Faculties:      Science (host), Engineering, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Project Leader:                 T.K. Sham 

Total Project Funding:        $339,000

Funding Period:                Three years


With the strong support from Soochow University, China, and Western University, a collaborative research centre focusing on the development and application of synchrotron radiation (SR) will be established on the campus of Soochow University in Nov, 2012. This centre offers an unprecedented opportunity to promote interdisciplinary research and education in synchrotron radiation and its applications, to facilitate exchange and collaborative research between the two universities in the area of synchrotron radiation research; and to enhance research capability and capacity in this and related areas by assembling a critical mass of expertise and resources. The Centre will provide a multi-disciplinary platform for materials research, education and the training of highly qualified personnel and will provide on-going support for large-scale synchrotron radiation facilities. This collaborative initiative is to foster synchrotron radiation research at Western through the operation of the centre at Western. It is in excellent alignment with Western’s Strategic Plan with priority areas of “Materials and Biomaterials” and “Environmental Sustainability and Green Energy”, as well as Western’s priority for internationalization.