Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials

Participating Faculties:  Faculty of Science (host), Faculty of Engineering

Project Leaders: Elizabeth Gillies, Department of Chemistry, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 

Total Project Funding:  $316,600

Funding Period: 3 years

The Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research (CAMBR) brings together more than 50 research groups to tackle key materials challenges. From determining how to provide energy to a growing global population in an environmentally sustainable manner to ways to enhance health and quality of life using materials-based approaches in medicine, CAMBR research teams engage in cutting-edge research with colleagues across the institution and in collaboration with external partners to move the bar forward in the development of new devices and products with novel materials. Materials and biomaterials research naturally transcends traditional departmental and faculty boundaries as diverse expertise is needed to address the different aspects of complex problems. With a long history of excellence in materials research, the infrastructure to support the work, and strong connections to industry, Western is well positioned to lead in this area.

This interdisciplinary initiative will support our vision to make CAMBR a leading organization for materials and biomaterials research. It will enable CAMBR to promote the development of new collaborations within Western, with industry partners, and with top international researchers, to form the strong multidisciplinary teams needed to solve large and complex problems. It will also facilitate effective sharing of infrastructure and a strategic approach to its renewal to keep Western competitive on the global stage. Finally, we will develop a program aimed at promoting Western’s research internationally and engaging the public in our research through communication strategies involving both trainees and faculty members.