Vehicle Importation & Registration

For Foreign Nationals who plan to temporarily import a vehicle into Canada, the vehicle must comply with all Canadian import laws and it must meet the requirements of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CRA), Transport Canada and, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency before it can be imported into Canada

The following documentation will be required by CBSA when entering Canada with your vehicle:

  • Proof of registration
  • Odometer reading
  • Month and year of production
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number
  • Recall Notices

CBSA will provide you with a Vehicle Import Form – Form 1. This document is required to license your vehicle in Ontario, so please ensure that it is filed accordingly. In order to get Ontario license plates, you will be required to undergo a safety inspection of your car. This may be completed at any Canadian Tire located throughout London. You will also need to provide the title of the car again when applying for Ontario plates. 

Information about registering vehicles can be found at the Ministry of Transportation website.

Vehicles brought to Canada from the United States will need to pass a safety inspection and emissions test. Please keep in mind that the inspection is valid for only 30 days. To apply for Ontario License plates, the following items are needed:  

  • Ontario Driver's License
  • Original Vehicle ownership/title (signed by sellef if not in your name currently or completed NIVIS if new vehicle
  • Proof of Ontario insurance
  • Bill of Sale (if new or not yet in your name)
  • Safety Standards Certificate (not required for new vehicles with NIVIS)
  • Import form 1/RIV inspection (2 stamps required)
  • Casual Goods form (form B15) from CBSA or Canada Customs Coding Form (form B3-3)
  • A K-22 customs card (Form 1) if you brought your vehicle to Canada from another country

For Foreign Nationals or Canadian citizens returning to Canada, it may be useful to bring proof from your current Insurance provider regarding your driving history. This letter of experience may result in lower insurance premiums. It is also important to note that the Ministry of Transportation Office will only accept original letters or by fax directly to the MTO office.    

All licensed vehicles must carry a minimum level of liability insurance. Vehicle insurance in Ontario is private, and there are many companies to choose from in the London area.