Financial Assistance

Financial Support

The MES degree program is an accelerated, course-based program with a cooperative work term. The funding model for accelerated programs that include a cooperative work term is different from the funding model in place for two-year master's programs that include a thesis component. As a result, university-based funding for MES students is limited to bursary assistance and Western’s work-study program.

On Campus Employment

MES students may apply for academic employment on campus in Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) or Graduate Student Assistant (GSA) roles but securing a position is neither facilitated by the MES Program Office nor guaranteed. Available GTA and GSA positions are listed on the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

MES students may apply for other on-campus staff positions through Human Resources Working At Western site.

Western University Financial Assistance

  • Western Graduate Bursary Assistance
    Domestic students receiving OSAP may be eligible for an internal bursary based on financial need.

  • Western's Work-study Program
    MES students may apply for work-study positions on campus. These positions are designed to be flexible, allowing for adequate study time while earning a part-time income. A variety of positions requiring a variety of skills are available. The student must be participating in an OSAP program to be eligible (see below).

External Funding Sources