Welcome to the Master of Environment and Sustainability (MES) website.

As the global population increases, environmental challenges are becoming progressively more complex and widespread. To address these challenges in Canada, industry, government and non-governmental organizations need professionals who can appreciate, communicate and implement multidisciplinary solutions in our institutions, cities, and businesses. The MES program develops general environmental managers who have the skills to address the various facets of today’s environmental challenges. It fulfills the need for multidisciplinary thinkers to advance the profession and green efforts deployed across the country.

In Canada, environmental professionals are in high demand with more than 20,000 jobs posted per year over the past five years (ECO Canada’s Environmental Job Market Trends Mid-2018). The demand for environmental professionals is robust and comes with ever more fulfilling duties as environmental managers often lead teams, implement changes, and manage large projects. To meet these new requirements, individuals with a Master’s degree are becoming the norm in the industry.

We encourage you to browse this site and to contact us. For those of you admitted to the program, get ready for an extraordinary learning experience. You will embark on a one-year journey that will define the rest of your life and make you a solid contributor to the solutions needed to ensure our planet’s future. Get ready to accelerate your learning, engage in sustainability planning, and evolve as a valued environmental professional!