Employer Testimonials

The MES has partnered with numerous organizations to provide our students with outstanding on-the-job learning opportunities. Please read their comments about the high calibre of our students and other benefits of partnering with us!


“We have been most impressed with how easy the process to hire a student has been and the quality of the individual we have hired.”

Environmental NGO


“Our student outperformed and continues to impress in all areas. We are thrilled to have them join our team full-time!

Federal Government


"Very organized and supportive of making a meaningful relationship and experience for both student and employer. The right balance of guidance and freedom so that the student and employer have the flexibility to structure the placement to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome."
Manufacturing Organization

Additional Testimonials

“Our student is a very strong employee who grasped a wide range of work tasks with an exceptionally professional manner. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I have no doubt her next employer will be lucky to have her.” Employer: Ontario Municipality

“The co-op process with Western University is well organized, responsive and easy to navigate.” Employer: Federal Government

“Our student has demonstrated great initiative and has provided the company with the necessary tools to formulate a corporate social responsibility policy. His superior research and analysis skills allowed for the development of tools that significantly improve tracking and efficiency.” Employer: Private Property Management and Development Company

"Our experience with the MES Summer Co-op Program at Western University was excellent overall. The process was clear and well organized and administrative support was a pleasure to work with.” Employer: Federal Government

“Our student’s passion for the environment is palpable, and inspires others. You can see how people have changed their behaviours after being encouraged and/or challenged by her.” Employer: Educational Institution