International Centre for Olympic Studies

Historical Sketch

On 16 March 2014 the International Centre for Olympic Studies (ICOS) celebrated the first quarter-century of its existence, having been established in 1989. It now moves into its second quarter-century of operation. Since 1992 the Centre has produced its annually published peer-reviewed journal, Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies. Since, 1992, too, the Centre has regularly staged its biennial "International Symposium for Olympic Research ,” publishing, on each occasion, its scholarly Proceedings. The Centre also organizes a Public Lecture Series involving leading scholars from across the world who speak on subjects dealing with Olympic socio-cultural matters.

ICOS maintains an expanding library (over4,000 volumes) and research study space for scholars and students, local and international. lCOS officials have served, and continue to serve, the global mass media community with regard to print and electronic live and taped interviews, op. ed. commentary, and informed reaction to developing Olympic news.

Finally, ICOS has become the longstanding home of Olympic-related studies conducted by undergraduate students, as well as theses and dissertations by both Master’s and Doctorate candidates, making Western University an epicenter for serious study of the socio-cultural aspects of global society’s largest, most flamboyant, and presently well over 100 year-old sporting phenomenon and spectacle

Directors of ICOS

1989-1998 Robert K. Barney (founding Director)
1998-2000 Robert K. Barney & Kevin B. Wamsley (co-Directors)
2000-2005 Kevin B. Wamsley
2005-2007 Nigel B. Crowther
2007-2010 Robert K. Barney (interim Director)
2010-2015 Janice Forsyth
2015-2019 Michael K. Heine
2019 Angela Schneider