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(Suspended through Fall Term 2022)
Forms A & B - Reimbursement Pre-approval Form
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2021-22 Conference, Research & Small Equipment Award

PhD Annual Report (UPDATED May 2020)

Graduate students are expected to meet progression requirements (or "milestones") in a timely fashion according to the schedule detailed in the Department of Philosophy Program & Progression Requirements. Our PhD students are required to submit an annual progress report by May 15th each year.
See also: PhD Program > Requirements > Progression & Timelines

Course Registration

Our standard graduate philosophy curriculum courses are added and dropped online via Student Centre.
See also: MA Program > Requirements > Course Requirements and PhD Program > Requirements > Course Requirements

Thesis Forms

Change of Registration

Graduate academia at Western operates on a three term annual cycle. Approximately one month prior to the upcoming term, new and continuing students are activated for that term. Your activation prepares your student record for course registration, funding, fees and various other activities related to your attendance at Western as a graduate student.


Logic Competency & Area Comprehensive Exams

All PhD students must pass one comprehensive examination in the area of specialization in which they plan to write a dissertation. They must also demonstrate competence in elementary logic. Further details, including study materials, can be found here.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships
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