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Modes of Argumentation in Aristotle's Natural Science 12/20/2019
In Search of Psychiatric Kinds: Natural Kinds and Natural Classification in Psychiatry 11/13/2019
Understanding Interdisciplinary Corroboration: Lessons from a Review Paper in the Mind-Brain Sciences 11/10/2019
A Groundwork for A Logic of Objects 11/4/2019
Rethinking Individuality in Quantum Mechanics 8/28/2019
Derogatory Words and Speech Acts: An Illocutionary Force Indicator Theory of Slurs 8/28/2019
Methodological Challenges for Empirical Approaches to Ethics 8/19/2019
On Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Surplus Structure and Artifacts in Scientific Theories 8/7/2019
Theory construction in high-energy particle physics 8/6/2019
Kant and Tetens on Transcendental Philosophy 11/19/2018
A Duty to Adopt? On the Ethics and Politics of Adoption 8/31/2018 JD Candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School  
A Pluralism Worth Having: Feyerabend's Well-Ordered Science 8/30/2018 Sessional at Ryerson University  
A Practical and Practice-Sensitive Account of Science as Problem-Solving 8/29/2018    
Computing, Modelling, and Scientific Practice: Foundational Analyses and Limitations 8/29/2018    
Empirical Evidence and the Multiple Realization of Mental Kinds 7/2/2018    
The Foundations of Revealed Religion 100 Years before David Hume: The Contribution of Anthony Collins 11/24/2017    
A Complete Special Goods Theory of Filial Obligations 11/20/2017    
Fiduciary Duties and Commercial Surrogacy 8/17/2017 JD Candidate in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto  
Evidence in Neuroimaging: Towards a Philosophy of Data Analysis 7/24/2017 Postdoc Stanford University, Department of Psychology  
The Goal of Habituation in Aristotle: A Neo-Mechanical Account 5/25/2017    
Virtue Ethics for Relational Beings 4/7/2017    
Foreknowledge, Free Will, and the Divine Power Distinction in Thomas Bradwardine's De futuris contingentibus 4/1/2017 Instructor at Collumbia College (Vancouver) and Douglas College (New Wesminster)   
A New Framework for Enactivism: Understanding the enactive body through structural flexibility and Merleau-Ponty's ontology of flesh 2/15/2017 Non-academic  
Varieties of Objectivity: What's Worth Keeping? 12/23/2016 Learning and Development Manager at Info-Tech Research Group  
Species Pluralism: Conceptual, Ontological, and Practical Dimensions 12/21/2016 Grant MacEwan University, Concordia University of Edmonton, and the University of Alberta Professor, Mount Allison
Similarity, Adequacy, and Purpose: Understanding the Success of Scientific Models 9/29/2016 Postdoc in the Philosophy Department at the University of Cincinati Post-doc., University of Pennsylvania
The Moral Status and Welfare of Patients Diagnosed as Vegetative With Covert Awareness 7/14/2016 Research Fellow in Neuroethics, at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities  
Assessing Decision-Making Capacity After Severe Brain Injury 7/8/2016 Assistant Professor and Greenwall Faculty Scholar in the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at George Mason University  
Constellations of Empiricism, New Science, and Mind in Hobbes, Locke, and Hume 6/27/2016    
A Pure Representationalist Account of Belief and Desire 4/29/2016 Employed at the Centre for Digital Philosophy  
Testimony as Significance Negotiation 4/27/2016 Part-Time Faculty in the Department of Philsophy at Western  
Evaluating the Quantum Postulate in the Context of Pursuit 4/26/2016 Assistant Professor in the Départment de philosophie de l'Université de Montréal (TT)  
On the Role of Mathematics in Scientific Representation 3/21/2016 Editor at Edanz  
Moral Sense Theory and the Development of Kant's Ethics 12/17/2015 Assistant Professor at Trent University  
Phenomenal Intentionality and the Problem of Cognitive Contact 12/11/2015    
Representationalism About Sensory Phenomenology 11/25/2015 Researcher at the Council of Canadian Academies  
Probabilistic Reasoning in Cosmology 11/2/2015 Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at San Francisco State University Post-doc, University of Pittsburgh (Center for Philosophy of Science)
Rethinking Empathy: Value and Context in Motivation and Adaptation 10/6/2015 Editor and proposal writer at Opentext  
On Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 8/31/2015 Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute of Philosophy at Leibniz Universität Hannover  
Philipp Frank: Philosophy of Science, Pragmatism, and Social Engagement 8/31/2015    
Contesting Gender Concepts, Language and Norms: Three Critical Articles on Ethical and Political Aspects of Gender Non-conformity 8/25/2015 Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie (TT) Visiting Prof. of Feminist Philosophy, Dalhousie University
Trusting to a Fault: Criminal Negligence and Faith Healing Deaths 8/17/2015 Associate Professor of Philosophy at Ambrose University  
The Modern Secularization of Just War Theory and its Lessons for Contemporary Thought 8/13/2015 Social policy officer at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada  
A Biopsychological Foundation for Linguistics 8/11/2015    
Civil Interests, The Social Contract, and The Conditions of Political Legitimacy 8/5/2015 Senior Policy Advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services  
On Philosophical Intuitions 6/9/2015 Adjunct Lecturer at Fanshawe College of Art and Design and Department of Philosophy at Western University  
Aggregating Evidence in Climate Science: Consilience, Robustness and the Wisdom of Multiple Models 4/29/2015 Post-doctoral fellow at The Rock Ethics Institue, Penn State College of Liberal Arts  
Weaving the Statesman: the Unity of Plato's Politicus 4/23/2015 Sessional at McMaster University (maybe?)  
The Debate about Time: Examining the Evidence from our Ordinary Experience of Time 3/10/2015 Editorial Assistant  at the Journal of Management Studies  
Gamete Provision and Moral Responsibilty 1/28/2015 Assistant Professor at UC San Diego Postdoctoral Fellow, Lancaster University
Love and Ethics in the Works of J. M. E. McTaggart 12/19/2014 Senior Consulting Analyst - Research at McLean & Company Consulting Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group
Language, Mind, and Cognitive Science: Remarks on Theories of the Language-Cognition Relationships in Human Minds 8/27/2014 Behavioural Insights Fellow at Impact and Innovation Unit, Government of Canada SSHRC, Postdoctoral Fellow,
Yale University; Asst Professor (LTA), Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
William James' Theory of Emotion 8/27/2014 Supervisor at the Writing Centre at Waterloo University Writing Consultant, Writing Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University
Hypothetical Necessity and the Laws of Nature: John Locke on God's Legislative Power 7/23/2014 Philosophy Faculty at Douglas College, BC  
A Feminist Defense of Moderate Moral Intuitionism 4/15/2014 Non-academic employment  
The Methodological Roles of Tolerance and Conventionalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics: Reconsidering Carnap's Logic of Science 12/16/2013 Assistant Professor at Huron University College Limited duties instructor, Western
A Defence of Anti-Psychologism About Reasons 9/27/2013 Non-academic employment  
Some disputed aspects of inertia, with particular reference to the equivalence principle 9/13/2013 Associate Faculty Member at Oxford University SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Bristol University
Aristotle on the Good of Friendship: Why the Beneficiary is Not What Matters 8/30/2013 Academic Coordinator, LePort Schools, California  
Structures in Real Theory Application: A Study in Feasible Epistemology 8/30/2013 Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Computer Science, Western University  
Method and Metaphor in Aristotle's Science of Nature 8/28/2013 Post-Doctoral Fellow within the Topoi Excellene Cluster  
Well-Being, Authority, and Worth 8/28/2013 Info-Tech, Research Director, Infrastructure and Operations Consulting Analyst, MacLean and Company
Justice, Rights, and Capabilities 8/22/2013 Faculty Member, Political Science, St Francis Xavier University (NS)  
An Ethical Justification for Research with Children 8/8/2013    
Fertility Preservation Technologies for Women:  A Feminist Ethical Analysis 6/12/2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University (Novel Tech Ethics)  
Husserl's Transcendental Idealism and the Problem of Solipsism 3/28/2013 Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter), Department of Philosophy, Paderborn University (2017) Limited duties instructor, Western
On the Physical Explanation for Quantum Computational Speedup 3/20/2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich  
The Resilience of a Refined Higher-Order Thought Theory of Consciousness 1/21/2013