Meet the Author Series

Situated between an "Author-Meets-Critics" session and an academic book review, this new video series is a discussion and Question-and-Answer session with authors of significant, recent books in the history of early modern philosophy. The aim is to dig deeper into certain ideas, issues, and themes raised in or by the book. Questions are formulated by members of the Western Philosophy Department and participants in the Descartes Research Group as they read and review the book in weekly meetings and with select scholars and experts from around the world. Authors are given the list of questions ahead of time to reflect and ponder. Each video is approximately 90 minutes.

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Next Session

James Van Cleve's Problems from Reid 
November 2, 2017, 13:30 - 15:00 EDT

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Recordings of Past Sessions

Jacqueline Broad’s The Philosophy of Mary Astell: An Early Modern Theory of Virtue
February 23, 2017
(No recording available.)
Udo Thiel, The Early Modern Subject: Self-consciousness and Personal Identity from Descartes to Hume

April 29, 2016 

(No recording available.)


2015-12-09: Samuel Rickless' Berkeley's Argument for Idealism (Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Hill)