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Dr. Dazhi Jiang

Laboratory for Structural Geology & Tectonics

Dazhi Jiang

Ph.D. University of New Brunswick, 1996
Office: BGS 0176
Lab: BGS 1055
Phone: (519) 661-2111 x.83192
Fax: (519) 661-3198

Research Interests

Dr. Jiang integrates fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and numerical modeling to understand the deformation and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts.  To address the fundamental issue of heterogeneous lithospheric deformation and the accompanying multiscale fabric development, he has developed a self-consistent MultiOrder Power Law Approach (MOPLA) based on continuum micromechanics of nonlinear viscous materials. The approach provides a rigorous link between small-scale observations and large-scale processes (structural geology and tectonics).  His group currently applies the approach to field areas in the Canadian Shield, the Central Orogenic Belt of China, and the North China Craton.

Dr. Jiang is also a Distinguished Professor at Northwest University, China, under the Grand Recruitment of Global Expert Program of Shaanxi Province. In this capacity, he also leads a research group and supervises graduate students at Northwest. 

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

At Western:
ES 2201A/B (Structural Geology)
ES 3350Y (Advanced Field Mapping Techniques)
ES 4490E (Senior Thesis)
GL 9555A/B (Flow of Rocks in Crust and Mantle)

At Maryland:
Geology 100 (Physical Geology), 341 (Structural Geology), 471/789C (Tectonics), 789R (Flow of Rocks)


Mengmeng Qu, (PhD, current): Tectonic evolution of the Shangdan belt in Qinling orogen, China

Weiyin Chen (PhD, current): Multiscale fabrics in natural high-strain zones: a numerical modeling investigation

Yin Chen (PhD, current, co-supervised with Prof. Zhu, G., Hefei University of Technology): Kinematics of the Mengyin belt in the North China Craton

Qi Wu (PhD, current, co-supervised with Prof. M. Niu, Hefei Univ of Technology)

Bahareh Kasmai (MSc, current): Quartz c-axis fabric from a few natural shear zones and VPSC modeling

Laurisha Bynoe (MSc current, co-supervised with R. Linnen): Origin and emplacement of the Whabouchi pegmatite.

Changcheng Li, (PhD, 2012): An investigation of deformation structures and their tectonic significance across the Grenville front tectonic zone in the vicinity of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Zhenyu Zhong (MSc, 2012): Applicability of the Eshelby formalism for power-law viscous materials.

Ruikun Liu, (MSc, 2009): Deformation of the clast-matrix system in natural mylonites.

Tianhuan Dai, (M.Sc. 2004, University of Maryland, College Park), Kinematics and deformation history of the Cross Lake greenstone belts.

Callan Bentley (M.Sc. 2004, University of Maryland, College Park), Rock fabric analysis of the Sierra Crest shear zone system, California: implications for crustal-scale transpressional shear zones

Dr. Jiang is currently looking for PhD students to work on projects in the Central Orogenic belt of China. The projects will include large-scale field structural analysis in targeted areas, laboratory geochronological and microstructural analysis, and if necessary numerical modeling. Interested students please contact Dr. Jiang for more information.