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Employee Awards

Western Award of Excellence nominator, Dr. Henry Meredith (right) and recipient, Stanislaw Szapiel (left).

Awards & Accreditations

Below you can view some awards and accredidations FM employees have received through the years:


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Stanislaw Szapiel

Stanislaw Szapiel, Caretaking Services

Western Award of Excellence

Stanislaw Szapiel may have the outward appearance of a caretaker, but look a bit deeper and you’ll find a language instructor, lab assistant, doorman, theatre usher, arbitrator, colleague and more. Read more


Doug Gillian

Doug Gillian, Caretaking Services

Western Award of Excellence

Mike Dejager

Mike DeJager, Facilities Engineering

Western Engineering Award of Recognition


LEED Accredited Professional

George Qubty, Facilities Engineering

LEED Accredited Professional (AP)

Perry Masse

Perry Masse, Caretaking Services

Western Award of Excellence

Perry Masse is the kind of worker who is always one step ahead of everyone. Be it helping staff members before he’s been asked, or saving up a few empty boxes for a student ready to move... Read more

Andy Merucci

Andy Merucci, Business Operations

Western Green Award

Andy created an online Service Interruption form eliminating the need for paper copies and has taken the extra time to show everyone individually how the new computer form works to make the transition as easy as possible.


Ontario Health & Safety

Joe Fonti, Dave Munden, Zorina Stepancev, Dennis LeMay

President's Ocupational Health & Safety Award


Ivan Celic

Ivan Celic, Caretaking Services

Western Award of Excellence

He is the living example of Western’s core values of integrity, respect and service, says the nomination letter written by three Visual Arts students for Ivan Celic.

Facilities Management - Power Plant

Power Plant Employees

President's Occupational Health & Safety Award