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Welcome to the Biodiversity Inventory at Western! On this page you can find information about ongoing efforts by students, staff and faculty, within and beyond the Western University Department of Biology, to study the biodiversity that exists today on campus grounds at Western University, as well as at Western’s affiliate campuses Brescia, Huron and King’s. We invite all members of the campus community to participate in the Biodiversity Inventory by contributing photos and other observations to community science using iNaturalist. The Inventory will help to gather data for informing future conservation and environmental research activities, through experiential learning that uses campus as a “Living Lab”. This project is being led by an organizing committee of volunteers in the Faculty of Science at Western University. It’s also a collaboration with Western Sustainability and Facilities Management for Western’s campus grounds. The affiliate campuses Brescia, Huron and King's are also participating. Learn more about the Western Biodiversity Inventory.

If you are new to the Inventory you may to register to participate.

You can keep up with the Biodiversity Inventory, including scheduled events, contests and featured observations by following the dedicated Instagram and Twitter accounts @uwobiodiversity.

Please browse through the resources below provided for participants. If you have any questions or concerns about the Biodiversity Inventory please contact

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Resources for Participants

  1. Register to Participate in the Biodiversity Inventory
  2. Mandatory Guidelines for Participants (including safety information)
  3. You may download the iNaturalist app for smartphones at the links below:
  4. Instructions for Participants: how to contribute to the Inventory
  5. Map of boundaries for participating campuses
  6. Annual Schedule for Ecological Surveys
  7. Clubs, Groups and Instructors: Sign up to host an event as part of the Inventory
  8. iNaturalist Guide for BioBlitz events


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You can see the updated iNaturalist overview of the Biodiversity Inventory at Western by clicking here.