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Graduate Students of the Biology Department are encouraged to participate and join our clubs and student-run communities

Society Of Biology Graduate Students


The Society of Biology Graduate Students (SOBGS) represents the interests of the graduate students in the Department of Biology. The purpose of this society is to provide graduate students with a recognized organization through which they may voice their opinions and concerns. Executive members of SOBGS act as advocates on various departmental and university-wide committees and help create a sense of community for graduate students in the Department of Biology.


Society Of Graduate Students


The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) is the graduate student advocacy organization and government at Western University. Dating back to the 1960’s, SOGS is now a graduate student union that represents over 6,000 members.

SOGS offers a number of services and supports such as:

  • Negotiating the graduate student health & dental plan and bus pass for all members;
  • Funding committees that engage students socially and culturally;
  • Commissioners and advocates (Accessibility, Indigenous, Pride, Racial Equity and Inclusivity, Women’s Concerns) 
  • Hosting, and adjudicating the Western Research Forum
  • Owning the Grad Club, an on-campus bar and restaurant that employs nearly 20 staff members;
  • Organizing various orientation, wellness, and academic events to enrich graduate student life;
  • Offering academic, financial, and social/cultural support to members; and,

Biology Graduate Research Forum


The Biology Graduate Research Forum (BGRF) is organized by graduate students in the Department of Biology at Western University. The primary mandate of this event is to provide a forum for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to showcase their research in biological sciences through poster and selected oral presentations. This research forum also hosts an invited speaker to present their current endeavours within the field of biological sciences.

School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies


The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, otherwise known as SGPS, provides many services and supports for you to engage with. They offer programs and talks to assist with thriving as a graduate student at Western, accessing professional career supports and opportunities (Own Your Future, and Graduate Student Internship Program), and are able to answer questions about funding and fees, academic policies, and other aspects of graduate life at Western.

Health and Wellness

Campus Health Logo

With all your other responsibilities in graduate school, it often feels as though there is no time left to look after yourself. With studying, teaching, marking, networking, grant writing, and a dissertation already on your plate, staying well in graduate school may not always make your “To Do” list. Although all your responsibilities as a graduate student are certainly important, the key to your success in graduate school involves making your mental health a priority. Regular mental health “tune ups” will ensure you remain motivated and productive.

Students seeking help regarding mental health concerns are advised to speak to someone they feel comfortable confiding in, such as their faculty supervisor, their program director (graduate chair), or other relevant administrators in their unit.