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With more than seventy courses offered within the Biology Department, students can engage with everything from intensive laboratory-only offerings that start in second-year to small fourth-year seminars. Students have the freedom to focus on a particular sub-discipline (e.g., genetics, animal behaviour) or receive a broad education that touches many areas of biology. 

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Eva Vischer is a Biology honours undergraduate student working with Prof. Keith Hobson on cormorants in the Great Lakes.

The research project has required her to help obtain egg and chick blood samples for stable isotope analysis that will ultimately allow her and Dr. Hobson to define the diets of the cormorants across the Great Lakes. This year they also discovered that avian influenza virus was happening on the Great Lakes and killing many birds of several species. So, she will also be considering the spatial distribution of influenza virus on the Great Lakes and see if it is related to nutrition.

"The opportunity to do a thesis in 4th year for honours specialization modules was a key reason for choosing Western" she says. "Being a hub for ornithology with facilities such as AFAR (Advanced Facility for Avian Research), I knew it would be a great chance to make academic connections and provide invaluable experience if I decided to pursue graduate school."

"Through my honours thesis supervisor, I had the opportunity to be connected with both a well-published mentor and an amazing summer research position in my desired academic field - not to mention this all happened before my thesis course even began!"