Future Students

The Department of Biology currently offers modules of study in Animal Behaviour, Biodiversity and Conservation, Biology, Ecosystem Health, Genetics, Genetics and Biochemistry, and Synthetic Biology.

Regardless of the module, the teaching faculty of the Department of Biology have defined twelve learning outcomes that all students should acquire prior to their graduation. Besides gaining an understanding of a wide range of biological concepts, the courses in the curriculum will help to develop your writing and oral communication skills as well as give you opportunities for independent research.

Why get a Biology Degree at Western?

Western Biology The overall goal of the Biology undergraduate program is firmly rooted in a liberal education where students develop into open-minded, skeptical and engaged citizens.  Within the framework of the study of biology emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking and communication skills, helping you prepare for a career in a wide range of areas including scientific research and the professions of law, medicine and education.

Our students have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art methods and technology to probe the physical nature of life and the interactions of organisms and their environments within the ecosystems involving soil, air and water.

As students progress through their course of study the opportunities to become more involved in the collegial culture of the department develop both the hard science and soft skills needed in today’s careers.

Student Perspective

Alexandra Headshot

I came to Western knowing I liked biology, but the highlight of my undergraduate degree was becoming involved in research. This opportunity allowed me to present at conferences, collaborate with faculty and graduate students, and hone my laboratory skills. In my final year, I discovered my passion for stem cell research.

Alexandra, Kozlov

After Graduation

Our students usually go on 4 different paths after completing the undergraduate program. Some decide to continue their studies and pursue a graduate degree at Western, and some head straight into the workforce. With the knowledge and skills you obtain after finishing the program here, you will have what it takes to succeed in positions such as Quality Control Specialist, Technical Writer, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Science Policy Advisor, Scientist, and many more. Pathways to study into professional programs such as Medical School, Dental School, Law, and Business are also available.