Health and Wellness

Accommodation Policy

Staying healthy – physically and mentally – is an essential part of achieving your academic goals. There are many resources on campus available to help you maintain your health and wellness (start here: Please contact the Graduate Chair if you have any concerns about health or wellness interfering with your studies. 

If academic accommodation should become necessary at any point, students should contact their course instructor(s) and/or supervisor, as appropriate. Students should also contact the Graduate Chair in most cases, and especially if accommodation is needed for:

 - more than one course

- more than one week

- any tests, exams, and/or assignments worth 10% or more of a final grade

- any program milestone (comprehensive exams, thesis, etc.)

 In these cases, the Graduate Chair may request that a student work with Student Accessibility Services ( to arrange a plan for accommodation (see SGPS Regulation 15: