Student Profiles

MA Students

Casey Boettinger

Degree: Honours BA Classical Studies, Major in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology, Western University 
Areas of Interest: Social age, Roman provincial life, mortuary archaeology, bioarchaeology
TA Assignment: CS1000
External Scholarship: OGS 2021-2022
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Scott Englishgeneric logo

Areas of Interest:
TA Assignment: CS2525A/B
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Ashley Franker-Shuh

Degree: Honors BA in Classical Studies, Western University
Areas of Interest: Roman archaeology, women in antiquity
TA Assignment: CS2200
External Scholarship: SSHRC CGSM (2020-21)
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Maria Glanfield

Degree: Honours BA in Classical Studies, Western University 
Areas of Interest: Roman provincial archaeology, funerary art & archaeology, digital imaging techniques in archaeology  
TA Assignment: CS2480A/ CS2800B
External Scholarship: SSHRC CGSM (2021-22)
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Jacob E. Hopkins

Degree: BA(hons) in Classics and Early Modern Studies from the University of King's College and Dalhousie University
Areas of Interest: Greek Tragedy and Epic, Comparative Literature and Classical Reception
TA Assignment: CS2200
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Matthew MacKenziegeneric logo

Areas of Interest:
TA Assignment: CS2301A/B
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Zachary Mohan

Degree: Advanced BA in Classics, University of Manitoba
Areas of Interest: Bronze Age Collapse, Greek Iron Age Archaeology 
TA Assignment: CS2300
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MA Student Jaymie OrchardJaymie Orchard

Degree: Honours BA in Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies with an Emphasis in Classics, University of British Columbia
Areas of Interest: Gender and sexuality in antiquity, inclusive pedagogy, numismatics, Greek literature.
TA Assignment: CS2500A/ CS3350G
External Scholarship: OGS 2021-22, SSHRC CGSM 2020-21
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PhD Students

imageRowan Ash

Degree: BA in Classics, Honours English (Literature), McGill University; MA in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures, University of Waterloo.
Areas of Interest: Ancient magic (especially the Greek magical papyri), Greek and Roman religion and myth, Greek literature, gender and sexuality in the ancient world
External Scholarship: OGS 2015
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maryMary Deminion

Degrees: Honors BA in Greek and Roman Studies, Univ. of Victoria, 2007, MA in Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria, 2010
Area Interests: Ancient law, Roman History, women in antiquity, morality, and spectacle.
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Stephanie Dennie

Degree: Honours BA in Classics, University of Guelph; MA in Classics, Brock University
Areas of Interest: Disciplinary interest: my current focus is the socio-political development of Archaic and Classical Sparta with a focus on the development and legitimization of the dyarchy. This reflects a keen interest generally in this history and historiography of Sparta, the political development of the Greek polis and Archaic and Classical History. I am additionally interested in genre-play in Ovid and the adaptation of Attic drama in Senecan tragedy.
Pedagogical research: the interplay of pedagogical models across disciplinary boundaries in
                                          the service of community engaged learning.
                                          Teaching Assignment: Instructor CS3904F, Collaborator in co-teaching of PSYCHOL 3895E
                                          & Theatre Studies 2202F/G
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PhD Student Tara JacklinTara Jacklin

Degree: Honours BA in Greek and Roman Studies from the University of Victoria; MA in Classics, Western University
Areas of Interest: Roman social history, with emphasis on women in the Ancient World; Classical gender and sexuality; Classical Religion; Classical Reception studies
Teaching Assignment: CS2200
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Tyler Jordan

Degree: BA Classics, minor Philosophy (Carleton); MA Classics (Western); MA Comparative Literature (Western)
Areas of Interest: I’m interested in most areas of the Humanities, but my focus has generally been on Greek poetry. I have also recently worked on Russian (all periods), English (Virginia Woolf), and Scandinavian (Ibsen) literatures. I also like to work with philosophy, linguistics, literary theory, and art history. 
Teaching Assignment: CS1000
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Valeria Logacheva

Areas of Interest:
Teaching Assignment: CS2200
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Olayiwola "Gabriel" Ologbonde

Areas of Interest: 
Teaching Assignment: CS2300
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Richard Parker

Degree: BA English Literature, Brock University; MA Classical Studies, University of Western Ontario; PhD (ABD) Classical Studies, University of Western Ontario 
Areas of Interest: Greek poetry of all types and periods (especially Greek hymns), Greek cult & religion, Greek epigraphy, Greek textual criticism 
Teaching Assignment: CS2700A
Contact Information:, office hours by appointment vis Zoom/Skype

Marina Schmidt

Degree: BA (Honours) in Classics with a double-major in History, and Certificate in Ancient Languages, Memorial University; MA in Classics, Memorial University
Areas of Interest: Roman medicine and social history, gender, and ancient law
Teaching Assignment: Instructor Greek 2000
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