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CAC Annual Conference: Quebec City 2016
The 2016 CAC Annual Conference will be hosted by the Institut d’Études anciennes, Université Laval, on May 11-13, 2016. Drs Brown, Gervais, Greene, Meyer, and Olson will be presenting papers

Dr. Brown will be giving a paper entitled “Adrastus on Amphiaraus: Pindar’s Use of the Epic Cycle,” which considers how Pindar makes use of epic sources. Particular emphasis will be places on key differences between epic and lyric style. Brown will also attend the annual meeting of university classics department heads.

Dr. Gervais will give his paper on “Ending epic quickly: ‘Abridging allusions’ in Statius’ Thebaid”. - an intertextual study of the conclusions of Statius' Thebaid and Virgil's Aeneid, identifying a novel allusive technique ("abridging allusions"). Dr. Gervais will also be one of two "respondents" at a Pedagogy Panel at the conference


Dr. Greene is presenting in the Presidential Panel at the CAC with a talk: "What's in a name? Tribal memory and acculturation on display in the Roman military diplomas." The paper focuses on the children of Roman auxiliary soldiers and the ways their names reflect the shifting affiliations of non-citizen soldiers in the Roman army.

Dr. Alexander Meyer is presenting his paper on "The Epigraphy of Travel". This paper examines the range of epigraphic texts that ancient Roman travelers would have seen, the purposes of these texts and the effects they would have had on their audiences.  It includes a representative sample of these texts including the so-called “speaking inscriptions” that were directed specifically at travelers. The material in this paper will be drawn from diverse geographical areas from Britannia to Asia in order to demonstrate the ubiquity of travel, travelers and the desire to communicate with and through travelers in the first two and a half centuries of the Roman Empire.

Field School glimpses into Roman Empire's past, students' futures

 cultureplexBy Communications Staff, September 5, 2013 Western researchers  Elizabeth Greene, above, and  Alexander Meyer, along with nine Classical Studies students, journeyed 6,000 kilometres and nearly 2,000 years for the experience of a lifetime. For six weeks this summer, Greene and Meyer led students in an archaeological dig, below, at Western's Field School at VindolandaRead more