A Narrative—inspired by your research


Activate the Storytellers

Do you need to gather more attention around a recently accepted or published article? Submit your paper for the "Storyhouse treatment" —

  • Send us a recently published (from within the last year) or accepted manuscript (if in preprint) that could use an extra "nudge"
  • Tell us as much as you can about the specific audience you most need to reach with this research (for example, participants, research collaborators, community sector, agencies, policymakers, etc)

You can also send members of your research lab/team to participate in the Storyhouse training program. Learn more.

Process Overview

When your manuscript enters the Storyhouse funnel, here's what we'll aim to deliver at the end of the term:

  • A written narrative inspired by your research (approx 450 words), built around a narrative arch, provided under a Creative Commons license, which can be further utilized and adapted at your discretion
  • The narrative featured at our live end-of-term "grand finale" storytelling event, showcasing research stories for the Western campus and broader community
  • Professionally produced video of a Storyhouse participant telling the story
  • You are under no obligation to utilize the outputs or deliverables generated by the Storyhouse program if they do not support your strategic objectives

Additional (Optional) Connection Points


  • You will be invited to attend an in-person "pitch event" to provide input, fact-checking and suggestions on a draft version of the narrative while it is in development. Participating in this event is optional, but highly encouraged.
  • Your attendence at the end-of-term, "main stage" storytelling finale event is optional, but strongly encouraged.
  • You will also be invited to participate in a recorded interview for podcast alongside the storyteller, to reflect on opportunities and barriers of communicating your unique research.