Knowledge Meets Narrative

Creative storytelling to connect people with new knowledge they can put into action.

The Storyhouse increases the reach and impact of research at Western University. We craft accessible, engaging narratives to communicate new information with people who can implement, inform, or act upon it – such as policymakers, collaborators, practitioners, professional associations, study participants, and educators. To connect recently published research with relevant audiences, we provide an interdisciplinary professional development opportunity for students, staff, and faculty. This unique narrative performance training program fuses together knowledge mobilization, science communication, narrative theory, and performance studies. The stories we tell, in turn, support our faculty members' research programs and networks.

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Welcome to Our House


Be part of the story...

  • Join the next cohort of the Storyhouse program in the upcoming academic term as a student or research staff
  • Submit a recently published article or accepted pre-print manuscript for narrative development