Shannon L. Sibbald, PhD

Shannon Sibbald

Assistant Professor

Room 334, HSB
519-661-2111 x86258


  • MSc, PhD (Toronto)
  • BHSc (Western)

Academic Appointments

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Yes

Research Interests

  • Interdisciplinary Health and Health Systems Research
    • Combining the methods and theories from a variety of disciplines to create innovative solutions to health systems challenges
  • Implementation Science
    • How teams access, share, store and use knowledge
  • Interprofessional Teams
    • How high performing health care teams work
    • How current education and training can prepare students for interprofessional work
    • Patient-centred models of care for chronic disease management

Additional Information

Feature Publications/Projects

Recent Publications

  • Sibbald SL, Hall RE, Embuldeniya GE, Gutberg J, Everall-Day A, Abdelhalim R, Carbone S,
    Jopling S, Nessa NS, Thampinathan S, & Wodchis WP. (2020). Ontario Health Team Central Evaluation – Formative Evaluation: Document Analysis. Toronto, ON: Health System Performance Network. 
  • Sibbald, S.L., Jegatheeswaran, J.Pocock, H., Penney, G. (2020). A National Survey of Educational and Training Preferences and Practices for Public Health Nurses in Canada. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 51(1):25-31.
  • Sibbald, S. L., & Haggerty, N. (2019). Integrating Business and Medical Pedagogy to Accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 13(1), 92–101. 
  • Sibbald, S.L., Kang, H. & Graham, I.D. (2019). Collaborative health research partnerships: a survey of researcher and knowledge-user attitudes and perceptions. Health Research Policy and Systems 17, 92.
  • Sibbald, S. L., John-Baptiste, A., & Speechley, M. (2019). Navigating the Complexities of Evaluating Team-Based Learning in the Graduate Classroom. Pedagogy in Health Promotion, 5(4):254–260.
  • Sibbald, S. L., Misra, V., Ziegler, B., & Fazel, S. (2019). Supporting a Healthier Campus: Once University’s Journey to Smoke-Free. Youth Engagement in Health Promotion, 3 (1). 
  • Sibbald, S. L., Selkirk, K., Cherla, A., & Misra, V. (2019). An Opportunity for Quality: The need for Better Evaluation of Family Health Teams in Ontario. Healthcare Quarterly,21(4):28-31.
  • Sibbald, S. L., and Sibbald, R.W. (2019). Creating a Community Driven Bioethics Network. Journal of Integrated Care, 27 (1):15-25.
  • Cassidy, B. P., Harwood, L., Getchell, L.E., Smith, M., Sibbald, S. L., & Moist, L.M. (2018). Educational Support Around Dialysis Modality Decision Making in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: Qualitative Study. Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease. 5.
  • Ly, O., Sibbald, S. L., Verma, J. Y., & Rocker, G. M. (2018). Exploring role clarity in interorganizational spread and scale-up initiatives: the 'INSPIRED' COPD Collaborative. BMC Health Services Research, 18(1):1-7.
  • Sibbald, S. L., Brown, R., Schmidt L. (2018). Creating an Interprofessional Network in Lifestyle Medicine: The Journey of the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. April 27.
  • Brennan D, Zecevic AA, Sibbald, S.L., Nolte V. (2018). “I just roll over, pick myself up, and carry on!" Exploring the Fall-Risk Experience of Canadian Masters Athletes. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Jan 18:1-31.
  • Graham, I. D., Kothari, A., McCutcheon, C. & Sibbald, S.L. (2018). Moving knowledge into action for more effective practice, programmes and policy: protocol for a research programme on integrated knowledge translation. Implementation Science, 13(22).
  • Braganza, B., McKinley, G. P., & Sibbald, S.L. (2018). The construction of “trauma” in Canadian residential school survivors and impacts on healing interventions and reconciliation initiatives. The Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 38(1).
  • Sibbald, S. L., Clark, A. F., Seabrook, J. A., & Gilliland, J. (2018). Without compromising integrity: Research and planning around the primary healthcare landscape in southwestern ontario. Healthcare Quarterly, 21(1):46
  • Sibbald, S. L., Brennan, D., & Zecevic, A. One-Sentence, One-word: An Innovative Data Collection Method to Enhance Exploration of the Lived Experiences. The Qualitative Report, 23(12):3019-3030.
  • Verma JY, Amar C, Sibbald S, Rocker GM. (2017). Improving care for advanced COPD through practice change: Experiences of participation in a Canadian spread collaborative. Chron Respir Dis.
  • Sibbald, S.L., Wathen, C.N., Kothari, A. (2017). Managing Knowledge in Transitions: Experiences of Health Care Leaders in Succession Planning. The Health Care Manager, 36 (3), 1-6.
  • Kothari A, Boyko JA, Conklin J, Stolee, P & Sibbald, S.L. (2015). Communities of practice for supporting health systems change: A missed opportunity. Health Research Policy and Systems, 13, 33.
  • Boyko JA, Sibbald S.L. & Graham R. (2015). A sense-making framework for grass-roots HPH networks. Clinical Health Promotion Centre, 5(1), 26-29.
  • Kothari A, Hovanec N, Sibbald S.L., Donelle L & Tucker T. (2015). Process Evaluation of Implementing Knowledge Management Tools in Public Health. Knowledge Management Research and Practice.
  • Sibbald S.L., Peirson L & *Boyko J. (2015). Squaring circles: The gap for interdisciplinary trainees in a discipline-driven academy. International Journal of Higher Education, 4(3), 63-67.

Research Affiliations

Teaching Areas

  • Health Policy, Management & Evaluation
  • Health Promotion and Communication
  • Developing Healthy Communities
  • Knowledge Translation/Implementation Science

Professional Activities

  • Co-lead for the Western Ontario Population Health Coalition
  • Co-lead for the Collaborative Health Care Improvement Partnerships (CHIPs)
  • Academic Partner of the Ontario Lung Association, Patient Support Group
  • Mentor iHPME Alumni Association