Program Checks

Students are responsible for ensuring that their selection of courses is appropriate and accurately recorded, that all course prerequisites have been successfully completed, and that they are aware of any antirequisite course(s) that they have taken. Students can request a program check or a graduation check from an academic advisor if they are unsure.

Program Planning Tool

For some students, the Program Planning Tool through Student Center may tell them they are missing a requirement they are sure they have met.

For a variety of reasons (see below), this sometimes happens in error. In these situations, students request a program check by emailing An academic advisor will assess the student's academic record to ensure all requirements have been met.

Why is there a contradiction to the Program Planning Tool?

The Program Planning Tool may not take the following course types into account:

  • Advanced Standing or Transfer Credits
  • Special Permissions
  • Letter of Permission Courses
  • Courses taken on exchange
  • Repeated courses
  • Students pursuing a second degree

Also, if students are registered in a module that has undergone changes, the program planning tool will not work properly. Students will be following the requirements of the module as of the year they entered.

NOTE: The Program Planning Tool is not used to check programs for graduation. The academic advisors in the School of Health Studies reviews each record individually.