Intent to Register (ITR)

Students planning to return to Western in September must complete the Intent to Register (ITR) process to be permitted access to course selection during summer registration through the Student Center.

The information outlined below is intended to help guide students through the ITR process.

What is Intent to Register (ITR)?

The purpose of Intent to Register (ITR) is two-fold:

  • It enables students to confirm that they plan to return to Western the following academic year
  • It is the means through which students are able to choose module(s)/program(s) of study

Who needs to complete ITR?

Every Health Studies undergraduate student who plans to return to Western for the fall semester MUST complete the ITR process. Failure to do so will result in the student being unable to access course registration in the summer and may result in them not being able to continue within the School of Health Studies.

How do I submit my ITR?

ITR is an online process that, in most cases, can be completed via Student Center.

Students who are unable to complete ITR through Student Center should contact for assistance.

Can I get help completing my ITR?

Western's Intent to Register Planning Guide provides step-by-step instructions to assist students through the ITR process.

Student with additional questions after reviewing the Intent to Register Planning Guide should contact

ITR Information Sessions

First-year students in the School of Health Studies can access help navigating the ITR process by viewing this video with helpful information and tips. Specific questions should be directed to