Major Sponsor Guidelines

Each Sponsor has guidelines that indicate eligible research related expenditures as well as award administration.

An Account Holder should also refer to their award notification they received from the Sponsor and the sponsor's website for details on eligible expenses which may over-ride the general guidelines.

The following links to financial administration sections for these agencies.

Contact the relevant Financial Officer within Research Finance if you have further questions

Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

The Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide is an important resource that outlines the general expense eligibility for CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC grants/awards. Specific program guidelines will over-ride this general guide, it is therefore necessary to refer to each tri-agency for specific program details. 

Tri-Agency Stationery and Office Supplies Guidelines

The Tri-Agency Guide has a list of eligible and non-eligible expenses for stationery and office supplies for CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC grants.

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CSRI)

The CSRI website contains information within the Policies & administration section on Financial Administration of their awards.

Canada Foundation for Innovation

The CFI Policy and Program Guide provides program overview, description of their funding architecture, lists of eligible project costs and contributions, administration of CFI awards, evaluation/outcome assessment and communication of research impacts.

The eligible cost section 4.6 within this guide is a useful reference at grant application. Once awarded and the budget finalized, the itemized list becomes the allowable expenses for a project. Please refer to the Institutional Projects section on our web to understand the CFI post-award process at Western. (link to our institutional page)

Canada Research Chairs and Canada Excellence Research Chairs Financial Administration Guide

The Chairs Financial Administration Guide includes information for the CRC and CERC (Canada Excellence Research Chairs) programs. The guide contains information on acceptance, responsibilities, reporting, administrative matters such as leaves, relocations, etc. and use of award funds.

Early Researcher Awards (ERA)

Early Researcher Awards are for faculty members in the early stages of their career. Please contact Research Finance for more information about this Ontario Ministry Research and Innovation program and the eligible expenses.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Provides Grants-in-Aid; Personnel Awards and Strategic Research Fund opportunities.

Guidelines are published for each year’s competition.

Refer to the applicable year's guidelines and refer to your Notice of Award for expense eligibility.


Programs provide resources for Canadian faculty members, helping them to connect with Canadian companies through collaborative research projects and to recruit top students. Read more about Mitacs programs of Accelerate, Elevate, Globalink and Step.

Refer to the Notice of Award for budget, timing and eligibility of expenses.

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)

OCE offers a comprehensive suite of programs designed to leverage the full capacity of Ontario’s research institutions.

Eligibility of expenses vary for each program. Please refer to your Award Notification or contact your Financial Officer, Research Finance.

Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence (ORF-RE)

The ORF-RE program guidelines include: program overview, adjudication criteria and process, applicant eligibility, eligible direct costs, ineligible costs project requirements.

The above guidelines are most useful at grant application stage. Once awarded, the finalized budget becomes the eligible expenses for the project.  Please refer to the Institutional Projects section of our website to understand more about the ORF RE Post-Award process at Western.