A city within a city is a common description of the campus. Several kilometres of roads and crosswalks provide access to the 85+ buildings sitting on more than 250 hectares of beautiful riverside property. We understand getting from point A to point B may be easier said than done. There are several maps to help you get where you are going, depending on your needs on campus.

Campus Maps

Campus Maps Includes:
  • Campus recreation
  • Campus safety & accessibility
  • Housing on campus
  • Parking maps
    (employees, students, visitors, lots & meters)
  • Western & affiliates
    (Huron, King's, Brescia, LHSC)
  • Western libraries

Contractor Maps

Contractor Maps Includes:
  • Delivery docks map
  • Emergency response map
  • Off-campus locations
  • Pedestrian tunnels
  • Western's Property