Facilities Management stewards the built and natural environment at Western. Our dedicated team maintains the buildings, infrastructure, and grounds making the campus a safe and comfortable place to work, learn, and research.


Control Mechanics are responsible for the climate control systems on campus, including installation, maintenance, and repair of the system that controls and monitors indoor climate including temperature, ventilation, and air quality. <More>


The Electrical Shop oversees the electrical systems associated with end devices (ie: lighting, receptacles), motor control systems, fire alarms, and central fire monitoring.<More>

Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling campus buildings is a combined effort that includes the power plant (providing steam in the winter and chilled water in the summer), Western Environmental Systems (WES) Controls (monitoring the automated climate systems), controls mechanics (servicing electrical hardware on-site) and fitters (servicing mechanical hardware on-site).<More>

Landscape Services

Landscaping Services is responsible for the maintenance of hard surfaces and soft landscaped areas in keeping with seasonal adjustments.<More>

Motor & Vehicle

Motor-related services include maintenance and repair to elevators and other lifting devices, motors (ie: fans and vacuums), standby and emergency generating systems, and all of Western's vehicles.<More>


Services include maintenance and repair for commercial refrigeration systems and laboratory equipment, layout and fabrication of metalwork, steam distribution on campus, maintenance for gas-fired equipment, and maintenance for water systems on campus.<More>


Services include the work of Carpenters, Roofing Mechanic, Locksmiths, and Locksmith Service Mechanics, Painters, and Asbestos Service, Mechanics. Services include the Project Crew, which is a team of tradespeople working on departmentally funded renovation projects and some capital projects.<More>