Summer Construction Projects 2019

Thank you for your patience throughout our summer construction period. We understand that infrastructure projects may interrupt your daily commute and occasionally result in temporary delays. Our hope is that the short-term inconvenience is outweighed by the improved services on campus.

Please note that Huron College is building on the West side of Western Rd. The administration has stated the following: In the coming weeks, preparations for new construction on Huron’s campus will take place in and around campus. We would like to inform the community that access to the tunnel, which crosses under Western Road, will be maintained. Please be advised there may be instances within the duration of construction in which the tunnel may be closed to ensure pedestrian safety. In this case, foot traffic will be diverted in an orderly fashion and the community will be notified of these details. Daily and weekly updates regarding construction on campus will be available on Huron’s website,, and will be posted frequently on Huron’s Twitter feed.

All questions and comments on the Huron build should be directed to Huron. Contact details are available on the Huron website. Should you have any feedback on Western's Summer Construction initiatives or anything related to the Facilities Management Division, please don't hesitate to contact us

Thank you,
Your friends at Facilities Management

Upcoming Service Interruptions

Temporary interruptions to service as a result of the projects below are added to this list. Major interruptions will be tweeted (@westernufm) or distributed through the Western media channels.

Project/Location Interruption Est. Duration
Loading Dock Upgrades / Ivey Building Minimal disruption to deliveries at Ivey loading dock Apr. 16 - June 5*
Interior Renovations / Chemistry Building Minimal disruption around loading dock at Chemistry Building April - August
Roof Replacement / Taylor Library Stairs leading to/from Dental Science Circle will be closed. Asphalt walkway between HSA and Taylor Library will be closed. May 6 - June 2
Interior Renovations / Medway - Sydenham Halls Closure of metered visitor spots on University Drive and restrictions to an adjacent lot May 6 - Aug. 15
Renovations / Saugeen-Maitland Hall Closure of loading dock and two visitor parking spaces May 6 - Aug. 15
Resurfacing and refresh / Althouse Parking Lot Closure of lot. Service Interruption Notice TBA June 14 - June 29
Resurfacing / Middlesex Drive Lane restrictions. Service Interruption Notice TBA June 17 - July 5
Sidewalk Repairs / Campus-wide Walkway restrictions. Service Interruption Notice TBA June 21 - July 4

List of Construction Projects - Infrastructure Enhancements

Following approval, many projects can take a few weeks to line up a contract. TBDs are currently in development and dates will be announced once contracts are finalized. Timelines will be fluid as poor weather, deliveries and unforeseen factors impact construction. 

Project Timeline Features
Exterior lighting upgrades on Middlesex Dr. (phase 1) Work to complete the first phase of the lighting on Middlesex Dr. continues from last fall. This phase includes sidewalk and street lighting from Perth to where Middles Dr. reaches B&G.
Chilled water replacement for Law Building Work will complete repairs to the chilled water services to Law building.
Loading dock enhancements Ivey Building April - June 5* Some updated features to improve the functionality of the loading dock at the Ivey Building. Enhancements may include a new lift, rails, door, etc.
Exterior lighting upgrades on Middlesex Dr. (phase 2) and Elgin Dr. May - July The second phase includes road and sidewalk lighting on Middlesex Dr. and Elgin Dr. between B&G and Western Rd. The work may have a minor impact on vehicles and buses.
Roof replacement at Taylor Library May 6 - June 2 Removal of the existing roof on Taylor Library, new insulation, a new roof to entire Taylor Library.
Steam Access on Perth Drive June - July Repair steam access along Perth Drive near Delaware Hall.
Resurface and refresh Althouse parking lot

June 14 - June 29*

Work to refresh Althouse lot will require a full shut down of the lot. The project will include asphalt resurfacing, curb repairs, line painting, and new lighting. * Middlesex parking lot resurfacing will not be completed this summer *
Resurfacing Middlesex Dr. June 17 - July 5* Standard road maintenance will include resurfacing Middlesex Drive from Perth to where the road meets Elgin Dr.
Sidewalk repairs / Campus-wide June 21 - July 4* Annual restoration work to repair sections of concrete and/or asphalt. Roughly 30 locations on campus will be updated.

List of Construction Projects - Major Capital Construction

Project Timeline Features
Alumni Hall Renovation

Underway, completing in July*

Adjustments and updates to space in Alumni Hall to accommodate unit(s) moving from Thames Hall.
Interior Renovations to Chemistry Building April - December Interior renovations to the Chemistry Building. The project will have a minor impact on exterior accessibility with restrictions to the loading dock and service vehicle parking.
Interior renovation to Saugeen-Maitland Hall May - August Interior renovations. The work may interrupt parking in the visitor lot and loading dock adjacent to the building.

Interior renovations to
Medway / Sydenham Halls

May 6 - August 15 Interior renovations including flooring and windows. The work may interrupt metered visitor parking and services along University Drive.

Interior renovations to Robarts Research Institute

June 2019 - January 2020 Interior renovations. The work may cause minor restrictions to Perth Drive during deliveries and along Dental Science circle and drive.

Interior renovations to Social Science Centre

August 2019 - February 2020* Interior renovations. The work may interrupt the Social Sciences Building loading dock area, with minor restrictions to the parking lot on occasion.
Thames Hall Renovation

Early work finishes mid-May

Construction begins July 1, 2019 and completes in 2020*

A major renovation to Thames Hall will provide updated space for the School of Kinesiology, general use classrooms and space, and house The Western Health and Wellness Centre. The project is located on the north-east corner of the Alumni Circle. Construction is slated to begin in early 2019, with units moving to temporary locations beginning August 2018.
Huron College Building N/A Huron College website.

*Information has been updated