Nominations open for Western Green Awards

February 14, 2014

Online Nomination Form

Nomanations are now being sought for the Western Green Awards to recognize contributions to sustainability on campus.

“As sustainability continues to strengthen as a priority in Western’s strategic planning, it’s great to see the members of our campus community getting engaged and contributing to our shared vision,” said Gitta Kulczycki, vice-president (resources and operations). “The Green Awards help perpetuate the grassroots and self-initiated programs that keep Western at the forefront of sustainable engagement."

“(Western Green Awards) are unique as they are one of the only awards on campus to acknowledge students, staff and faculty alike.”

Looking to raise awareness of sustainability at the university through the acknowledgement of community members who have made positive contributions, nominations may be made at

Deadline is March 3.

The Western Green awards recognize an individual or team who initiate or support an activity with positive environmental outcomes; encourage participation and involvement; work together with others, groups and organizations to meet their goal; or demonstrate an environmentally friendly effort/campaign.

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Source: Western News