FM extends warm welcome to returning faculty

October 8, 2020

Down to the smallest detail.

That has always been Facilities Management’s approach to providing clean, comfortable, and safe facilities at Western. Within the context of a pandemic, the effort is magnified. From powering the COVID testing trailer to refilling sanitizer dispensers, to increasing fresh air in buildings, the Division has sharpened its focus on its commitment to the campus community.

As a further extension of that attention to detail, members of the Division, in connection with Procurement Services and Western Technology Services, have developed “Welcome Back” kits for returning faculty - 990 kits to be exact.

The kits include gloves, disinfectant wipes, microphone covers, and a personal set of whiteboard markers and an eraser. The kits were enclosed in a handy purple tote and delivered ahead of the new academic term to Western’s Departments and Schools for distribution to their respective instructors.

“We have done a lot of work to prepare the campus for returning members of the campus community,” says Associate Vice-President of Facilities Management, Elizabeth Krische. “We believe it is important to extend our support to the dedicated faculty members who are returning to the classroom.”

According to Krische, the team developing the kits selected normal classroom items that instructors may not feel comfortable sharing on a regular basis.

“It is totally understandable that there would be some apprehension with returning to the front of the class,” says Krische. “Hopefully, having their own set of classroom tools will make it a little easier.”

Parking personnel building "Welcome Back Kits"

Frances Lew from Parking & Visitor Services adds a note of encouragement to totes developed for returning faculty.

Parking & Visitor Services personnel have built 990 “Welcome Back” kits.

Facilities Management's Stores team has coordinated and delivered the kits to participating departments.