Welcome to the Department of Visual Arts at Western University! Located in the John Labatt Visual Art Centre on the main campus of the university, the Department of Visual Arts is an exciting environment in which the study and practices of art history, theory, and studio combine in a unique and dynamic way.

The Department provides excellent facilities and offers important strengths. Our first-rate facility includes large and small computer labs, photography and printmaking areas, a purpose-built gallery, and bright, open workshop and studio areas. Art History is taught in seminar and lecture rooms equipped with current technology and the Ivey Library, our digital resource centre, is one of the best of its kind in North America. Our Museum and Curatorial Studies major offers students hands-on experience curating exhibitions and interning in exciting cultural institutions. The faculty in Studio, Art History, and Museum and Curatorial Studies is comprised of ambitious artists and academics who work across a range of disciplines, from historical to contemporary art theory and practice.

In addition to delivering consistently strong and well-recognized undergraduate and graduate programs, the Department boasts a strong commitment to extracurricular activities. Each year, a range of artists, curators, and art historians are invited from across the country and abroad as part of the Visitors in the Art Now! Speaker Series. Alongside this, faculty members head up special projects and research initiatives that enrich the life of the Department. Finally, the Department continues to foster links with other departments in the university (MIT, Film Studies, etc.), as well as the community at large (Museum London, Forest City Gallery, etc.), through shared interests, joint initiatives, and collaborations. These initiatives broaden the scope of activities and experiences for students in the Department and in turn make a significant contribution to the wider cultural community in London.

In the following pages on this site, you will find information on our various programs, faculty members and research interests, as well as information for both prospective and current students. If you do not find the information you are looking for in our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To browse our undergraduate program brochure, or department booklet and learn more about our faculty, please click the links below.


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