Cohen Exploration Lab & Cohen Commons

Cohen Lab

Western’s Department of Visual Arts is excited to unveil a brand new maker-space and student lounge. The Cohen Exploration Lab is a creative hub for visual arts students with state-of-the art technology such as 3D printer, 3Doodler printing pens, photo printer, electronic components, video projection, and an interactive whiteboard. This innovative space encourages experimentation and enables students to explore the boundaries between science, technology, engineering and mathematic components and integrate them into their visual arts practice. The redesign of this space has been driven by two assumptions: that curriculum-driven innovation, such as that offered through the new courses that make use of digital innovations for artistic practice, have the potential to transform student experience, and that access to informally structured meeting places is crucial to developing strong student communities that are able to generate new ideas and innovative forms of creative expression.

The new Cohen Commons, a space adjacent to the Lab, is a relaxed lounge for students where they can share ideas and work collaboratively on projects. This area will also showcase student work produced in the Lab through rotating exhibitions. The spaces are designed to work together to inspire, encourage, and promote student creativity.

Both of these exciting new additions to the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre are made possible by a generous donation by Alan Cohen, in honour of Phyllis Cohen.  Phyllis and Alan Cohen are longtime supporters of the London creative arts community and the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. The Cohen Exploration Lab recognizes their belief that to learn is to explore and take risks; the Cohen Commons recognizes their work in bringing students, faculty and the wider community together in shared commitments to creativity. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Department of Visual Arts are grateful for their support, vision, and commitment.


Resources include:

  • Self Serve Photo Printing
    - 3D printing and scanning
    - 3D doodler pens
    - Little Bits electrical components

The Cohen Exploration Lab is available for use during regular Visual Arts Centre hours. Regular staff member hours are Monday & Thursday 11am-1 pm. For service, questions, assistance or purchases, students must come by during these hours. For service outside of these hours, please book an appointment by email:

To book a tour or information session, please email:

To be eligible to use the Cohen Exploration Lab and to reserve the 3D printer you must be currently enrolled in a Visual Arts Studio class. For swipe access, speak to the technician.

Students needing to print projects must book time well ahead of any deadlines or critiques. The Photo Printer may be reserved in 30 min increments (up to 2 hrs, unless arrangements have been made), and the 3D printer may be reserved in hour increments (up to 4 hrs, unless arrangements have been made). All reservations can be made via the booking calendar in the black binder.

3D Scanning

Here are some sample 3D scans, created with our Matter and Form 3D scanner. and These scanned models may be uploaded to sketchfab for the creation of VR objects and/or 3D prints. Go to to eplore the possiblities of using 3D glasses and VR.

3D Printing and Photo Material Rates 

Printing Service

Total Cost

If Student Provides own Dremel PLA filament

3D Printing

$1 per hour(rounded up to the closest hour)


Photo Printing

Total Cost

If Student Provides own Paper










  • All prints must be pre-paid between the hours of 11:00 am - 1:00 pm while the staff is present.
  • Payment must be accompanied by a print request form.
  • Once completed, the student may complete the print at any time.
  • Students may provide their own Epson paper and 3D PLA filament.
  • Paper & colour filaments must be obtained from the staff between 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.
  • Only the staff is authorized to change the PLA filament in the 3D printer.


Kim Neudorf
VAC 241D,
(519) 661-2111, x85212


Self-self access to the lab:
24 hours via swipe access

Technician Hours:

Kim Neudorf - Cohen Lab Technician

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11-1 pm