Centre for Sustainable Curating



The Centre for Sustainable Curating supports research, exhibitions, visual/digital production, and pedagogy focused on environmental and social justice. Located in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University, the CSC encourages research into waste, pollution, and climate crisis, and the development of exhibitions and artworks with low carbon footprints.

Projects undertaken by the CSC include:

• Collaborations with individuals and institutions to lessen or limit the carbon impact of exhibitions.

• Co-learning environments in which undergraduate and graduate students create art and exhibitions with environmental awareness.

Using the Resources at Hand: A Guide for Creating Sustainable Exhibitions

The CSC is associated with other projects in the Department of Visual Arts such as:

The Synthetic Collective (www.syntheticcollective.org), an interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artists, cultural workers, and scientists working together to sample, map, understand, and visualize the complex ways in which plastics and microplastics pollute the Great Lakes region.

A Museum for Future Fossils (www.museumforfuturefossils.org), a vernacular “museum without walls” focused on responding curatorially to the Anthropocene.

Director: Professor Kirsty Robertson

Faculty: Professor Kelly Wood

Postdoctoral Fellows: Amanda White and Zoë Heyn-Jones

Visit the Centre for Sustainable Curating website for more information and current programming