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Second Wind


Juanita Lee Garcia | Mina Moosavipour | Simone Sciascetti | Jason Stovall

Exhibition: October 8 - 22, 2015
Closing Reception: Thursday, October 22nd > 5-7PM

The Artlab Gallery is pleased to present Second Wind, an exhibition featuring contemporary work by second year, Western University, MFA students.
This dynamic exhibition probes traditional cultural concepts and social boundaries reflected through a range of materials, media, and technologies. Themes such as the (decline of natural spaces) non-existence of nature, the formation of identity, and the performance of masculinity are all explored, culminating in an exhibition that challenges the sociocultural landscape of identity, values, and beliefs.
Artist Biographies

Juanita Lee-Garcia is a Colombian-born Canadian visual artist who holds a BFAH from Queen’s University in Kingston, where she majored in printmaking and minored in art history. As a Western University MFA candidate, she continues to experiment with sculpture, drawing, and printmaking practices to explore the tension between material knowledge and popular perception. By using common materials, such as vinyl tablecloths, she builds dimensional works that interrogate domesticity and commonly held belief systems. Through the use of multiplicity, she employs line and repetition to decontextualize a playful and challenging array of cultural signifiers within the space of the gallery.

Mina Moosavipour is an Iranian-born artist who immigrated to Canada in 2013. Her experimental work features human subjects, focusing on the psychological tension created by probing the specific experience of those depicted. She holds a BFA from Soore University and a MFA from the Tehran University of Art. She is currently a Western University MFA candidate.

Simone Sciascetti is a Hamilton-based artist currently living in London, Ontario. She completed her BA Hons at McMaster University in 2013 and is presently a Western University MFA candidate. Her sculptural works emphasize the formation of natural forms by combining plywood, found wood and plaster. Sciascetti utilizes these materials to question our conception of “nature” and the "natural" in what she sees as a post-natural world.

Jason Stovall grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta. His experience of technology, media, and the mixture of suburban and industrial landscapes comprised his formative years. His experience of growing up queer, in this setting, is at the core of his artistic endeavors that explore the affects of power and masculinity on identity, sexuality, and mental health. Stovall completed a BFA at the University of Alberta in 2012. He is currently pursuing his MFA at Western University in London, Ontario.

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