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PHILOSOPHY 2030G: Philosophy of Science

PHILOSOPHY 2091G: Philosophy in Literature

PHILOSOPHY 2350G: The Darwinian Revolution

PHILOSOPHY 2370G: Science and Values



Jennifer Epp recipient of the 2017 Arts and Humanities Teaching Excellence Award (Part- Time).
Charles Weijer recipient of the 2016 Royal Society of Canada.

Carolyn McLeod recipient of the 2016 Faculty Scholars Award. 


Samantha Brennan: Why I didn’t protest Jordan Peterson’s visit but newspaper coverage almost makes me wish I did. Read it here.

Tracy Isaacs and Samantha Brennan were recently nominated as one of OptiMYz magazine’s Top 100 Health Influencers. Their blog, Fit is A Feminist Issue, was ranked fifth for its positive messages and community discussion around issues related to fitness and health. Read the story here.

Western Philosophy ranked as one of the top 50 Philosophy departments in the world for 2017. Read the more here. 

James Overton (PhD Philosophy, 2012) recently spoke about his shift from PhD student in philosophy of science to his current non-academic job as a founder of Knocean, Inc. Read more here.

Samantha Brennan speaks with Western News about her recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Read more here.

Corey Dyck participated in the founding of the 'Christian Wolff Society for the Philosophy of the Enlightenment' in Halle, Germany. Read more here.

Ph.D. students, Nicole FiceCory Goldstein, and Austin Horn, write in the Western News about the response to the Zika virus and the effect on women's reproductive rights. Read it here.

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