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Graduate Conferences


This conference aims to bring together graduate students from across North America who share an interest in feminism, post-coloniality, queer theory, critical race theory, philosophy of disability and anti-oppression theory in general, regardless of their primary area of research.

Logic, Math, and Physics

Graduate students are invited to submit papers on any topic in logic, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics or physics.


PhilMiLCog is Western's annual graduate conference in the Philosophy of Mind, Language, and Cognitive science. This conference is usually scheduled in April or May.

PhilMiLCog is a truly inter-disciplinary conference which provides an opportunity for graduate students with common interests from various departments in North America and Europe to come together and participate in lively scholarly research. PhilMiLCog has accepted submissions in the Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics and Epistemology of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Linguistics, Computational-Representational and Connectionist Psychology, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Science. Past keynote speakers include:

Philosophy Graduate Student Association Colloquium Series

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