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Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

Clipsham, Patrick

“Does Empirical Moral Psychology Rest on a Mistake? Understanding Theories About the Nature of Moral Judgment as Moral Propositions”

 Asst. Professor (TT) Winona State University


Cuffaro, Michael

“On the Physical Explanation of Quantum Computational Speedup”

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU Munich


Fillion, Nic

“The Reasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences”

Postdoc, Dept. of Applied Math and Dept. of Actuarial Sciences, Western

Asst. Prof. (4-year limited term), Simon Fraser University

Fulfer, Katy

“Hannah Arendt and Feminist Agency”

Humanities/Sophia Libman Professor (3-year), Hood College


Lamoureux, Lucien

“From Mirror to Mirage: The Idea of Logical Space in Kant, Wittgenstein, and van Fraassen”

Limited duties, Western.


Tait, Morgan

“The Case for Quantum State Realism”



Yates, Arthur

“Thomas Hobbes on Punishment”

SSHRC Postdoc, UC Berkeley





Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

Chow, Sheldon

“Heuristics, Concepts, and Cognitive Architecture: Toward Understanding How the Mind Works”

 Visiting Asst. Prof., Mount Allison University


Ducharme, Alain

“Aristotle’s Naïve Somatism”

Postdoc, University of South Carolina

 Visiting Asst. Prof., DePauw University

Fawcett, Nicholas

“Aristotle's Concept of Nature: Three Tensions”



Hey, Spencer

“Meta-heuristic Strategies in Scientific Judgment”



Manafu, Alex

“Emergence and Reduction in Science. A Case Study”

 Postdoc at IHPST, University of Paris 1, Sorbonne


Marsh, Jason

“Creating and Raising Humans: Rethinking the Morality

of Procreation and Parenting”

Asst. Prof., St. Olaf College (TT)


Ray, Nicholas

“Ordinary Empirical Judgments and our Scientific Knowledge: An Extension of Reformed Empiricism to the Philosophy of Science”

Limited Term Appointment, University of Waterloo


White, Angela

“A Rawlsian Idea of Deliberative Democracy”

Postdoc in Bioethics, Rotman Institute of Philosophy, Western