Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities


Committee for Women's Concerns

Committee Mandate:

The Department of Philosophy Committee on Women's Concerns (CWC, or "Quick"), formed in February, 1989, is Western University's first departmental committee of this nature. Its basic purpose is to make sure that there is a non-sexist environment for all who work and study in our department. This means that CWC:

  1. makes sure that all in the department (Faculty, Students, Staff) are aware of the university's policies concerning women;
  2. provides an easy point of contact for anyone encountering sexual harassment or other forms of sex-related disadvantage, and will put them in touch with the people who can do something about it;
  3. arranges events and programs to educate the department about the special needs and problems of women in the academic setting;
  4. helps faculty members who wish to incorporate material relevant to women's issues in their courses;
  5. keeps in touch with many other groups working on these issues, in the University and outside, so that it will be apply to supply up-to-date information.


Committee members 2014-15

Undergraduate representative: Jennifer Strickland-Tamse
Graduate representatives: Isaac Jiang & Jacquelyn Maxwell
Staff representativeElisa Kilbourne
Faculty representative and co-chair: Jacqueline Sullivan & Samantha Brennan

Women, Underrepresented & Marginalized Groups, and Allies Strengthening Philosophy Committee (WUMGASP)

"The PGSA launched the Women, Underrepresented & Marginalized Groups, and Allies Strengthening Philosophy Committee (known as ‘WUM-GASP’, or the ‘Strengthening Philosophy Committee’ whichever you prefer) in Fall 2013. WUMGASP organizes activities targeted at issues relevant to the climate for underrepresented or marginalized groups in philosophy."

Committee Co-chairs 2013-14
Melissa Jacquart & Lauren Sidlar