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Museum Studies Exhibition


Since the Apollo 11 lunar landing in 1969, artefacts – ranging from flags and equipment to ephemeral footprints – have been left behind on the moon. NASA and a number of historical preservationists have called for the moon to be considered an international heritage site, effectively a “moon museum.” But who would control such an institution? Our exhibition explores this question as its subject matter. We invite you to tour Protectorate 1, a speculative and fictional installation on the moon. See astronaut footprints before they are destroyed, view an eclectic archive of lunar information, shop at the Intergalactic Souvenir Stand! Using humour to address a serious subject, Protectorate 1: A Darker Side of the Moon questions issues of space supremacy, celestial colonization, world heritage, and preservation.

Practicum Exhibition

Fellow Feeling

The Studio Arts Practicum graduating class of 2016/2017 presents an exhibition that explores individuality and togetherness, truth and trends, earth and internet. This thesis exhibition represents a years-worth of development through print, paint, clay, concrete, media, performance, photography, and slime.

 Practicum Artists
: Michael Becker-Segal
, Kevin Campbell Parker
, Ronnie Clarke, 
Rachel Hahn
, Jenna Fifield, 
Joanna Skiba
, Jill Smith
, Rebecca Sun
, Val Vallejo