Safer Roads and Crossings

The the left, two students in the foreground are smiling and carrying backpacks. The UC tower is in the distant background. To the right is road sign reading 'Maximum 30 km/h'
Thumbnail of a map of campus which shows the new medians on Huron drive in blue, the new crossing on Huron and Perth Drive in green, and new speed limit sign locations in orange.

Click to zoom in on the map and see the locations of the three new traffic calming measures on campus.

In line with Western’s ongoing commitment to safer roadways and crossings  and the principles of the Open Space Strategy, FM is taking steps to reduce vehicle speeds on campus. Installation of the new measures will begin on August 21 and will be completed prior to the start of the fall term. During installation, there may be minor service interruptions.

Measures include:

  • 30 km/h speed limit. All Western roadways will be posted at a maximum speed of 30 km/h. Motorists entering campus will need to slow down, reducing speed from adjacent city roads. Western Special Constable Service enforces speed limits on campus.
  • Traffic calming medians. Three new medians will be installed along the middle of Huron Drive. Medians naturally slow motorists and draw greater attention to the road due to the narrower lanes.
  • Button-activated pedestrian crossovers. Two new button-activated crossovers will be installed. One will be on Huron Drive between LHSB and the practice fields and the other on Perth Drive at the entrance to the Chemistry Parking Lot. Motorists and cyclists must stop and yield the roadway until pedestrians are safely across.

The support of these and other traffic calming measures by the campus community continues to make our roadways and crossings safer. Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the FM team at