Individual Counselling

Once you’ve completed a triage appointment, it may be determined that individual counselling is a good fit for you. Our two options for individual therapy include brief change-oriented counselling or single session therapy.

Counselling Appointments:

Targeted, brief, change-oriented counselling is generally 3-5, 50-minute appointments. The number of sessions that are appropriate for each individual will be determined in collaboration with the therapist. If you believe you require longer-term treatment, we will do our best to assist you in finding appropriate services to help meet your needs

  • Our therapists offer brief, change-oriented counselling for students struggling with a wide variety of concerns including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, academic or personal stress, relationship problems, sexual violence, and adjustment to university. We have counsellors who specialize in issues impacting those who have experienced sexual violence, LGBTTIQQ2SA+ students and international students.
  • Our focus is helping you thrive as a student and in your personal life rather than exploration and analysis of past problems.

  • Our therapists include psychologists, registered psychotherapists, social workers, interns (graduate level students completing a counselling placement) and LHSC consortium psychology residents.

  • Our counsellors primarily use a strength based, solution focused therapy model. This model helps us to work with students towards thriving within the areas of their life where they have identified concern. We hope to tap into students innate strengths and resilience to work towards the change necessary to thrive. This work happens within a supportive relationship between therapist and student.

  • We are not generally able to provide long term support. We will do our best to help match you with the most appropriate resource available for you to receive the support needed including referral to community partners.

  • For complex mental health beyond our capacity, we have several specialized community partners who may be a better fit. This may be determined through triage or during brief therapy.

  • We do not provide couple or family counselling, but can provide appropriate referral options through a triage appointment.

Single Sessions:

  • Single session appointments are an additional service available for students to swiftly access individual support. Singe session appointments are booked a maximum of 3 days in advance following a triage appointment, based on availability (first come, first served). A single session is a one time 90 minute appointment and is not a route to ongoing therapy nor does it replace crisis services.

  • Single session appointments fit well for students who are looking to address a specific concern whether it is new or longstanding.

  • Single session appointments are often a good fit for students who are uncertain of their commitment to seek ongoing counselling services.

  • Our hope is that every student leaving a single session appointment has a plan to work towards change that they can enact on their own. Students can access more than one single session if they wish, though we encourage students to take some time to make effort to implement changes after a single session.

: single session appointments do not replace our crisis counselling. If you are in crisis, please call us or visit the Reception/Intake office to book an appointment.