Student Support Case Manager

*Read about support for off-campus students while in self-isolation.

We recognize that students may encounter situations during their time at Western when they may require additional support. There are a wide range of resources available to support students during these times and the role of Student Support Case Managers is to help students in exploring and navigating these services.

Students can reach out to the Office of Student Support & Case Management on their own or concerned faculty/staff can refer students to this office and a Case Manager will reach out to the student directly.


Provide information to faculty, staff, and students about options and resources so that they can better support a student who may be experiencing distress.


Proactively identify and reach out to students who may be in need to support to assist in making quick referrals to campus and community resources.

Information & Referral

Work with students one-on-one to assess the types of support that may be needed, develop an action plan to address challenges that may stand in the way of achieving their personal and/or academic goals, and assist in navigating multiple university and community programs.

Case Management

Coordinate multiple campus and community services in support of students experiencing complex and multifaceted barriers toward achieving their personal and/or academic life goals.

*Please note, Case Managers are able to assist you in exploring on and off campus counselling options. They do not provide counselling.

Reach out to the Student Support Case Manager if:

  • You are experiencing a sudden change in circumstance that is impacting your academic, personal, or financial situation
  • You are transitioning to/from campus due to a medical leave and/or hospitalization
  • You are in distress and in need of early intervention support to become connected to appropriate services on-campus or in the community
  • You are needing Referrals to campus or community programs
  • You are/ know a student who is struggling or overwhelmed but do not know who/where to reach out to