Medical Notes

A concern may arise that significantly impacts academic performance. If this occurs, a medical certificate may be required by your Faculty to confirm the presence of the medical condition.

Medical Certificates can be obtained from Student Health Services for a cost of $20.

  1. At time of illness, make an appointment with a physician at Student Health Services.
  2. During this appointment, request a Student Medical Certificate, from the Physician.
  3. Go to the Accounts Office (room 19) at Student Health Services to may your payment and pick up the form. If your appointment was virtual (phone or video), you will receive an invoice via email to pay online. Once payment has been received, your Student Medical Certificate will be provided to you.
  4. You may wish to review Western's policy on Accommodation for Medical Illness


Physical and Mental Health 

Room 11, UCC
Book Appointments:
Phone: (519) 661-3030

Hours of Operation:
Visit our Appointments page for more info.

Please note: We will not be able to see patients in person for visits that are not medically necessary, but we are available to provide appointments via a phone consultation. 

Please continue to monitor for updates.