Personal Benefits of Philosophy

Philosophy's surge in popularity

Students now are seeing philosophy as a way to learn about the big issues most important to them.


Expand your point of view

Studying philosophy can enrich your life by having you consider new ideas and points of view, and escaping the problematic cultural ideas we come to be immersed in.


The topics covered in philosophy classes can help you to understand yourself and how to engage with the world around you. What makes you the person you are? How free are you? What determines whether you are a good person? What moral responsibilities would you have if you joined a profession like law or medicine? How should you understand your gender, race, or other social identities? When should you be skeptical of your own observations or those of other people? Who should you trust to tell you the truth?

These questions probably seem daunting to you. But philosophy can give you the tools and the knowledge to tackle them with confidence and purpose. It can help you to orient yourself in the world and decide who you want to be and how you should act.